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Comptia A+ Certification Exam Review

CompTIA A+ certification (also known as CompTIA A Plus) is an international industry credential that validates the knowledge of computer service technicians.

The skills and knowledge measured by the CompTIA A+ exams are vendor neutral and are derived from an industry-wide and worldwide job task analysis. CompTIA A+ exam options include:

* Comptia A+ Essentials
* Comptia A+ 220-602 (IT Technician)
* Comptia A+ 220-603 (Remote Support Technician)
* Comptia A+ 220-604 (Depot Technician)

Comptia A+ Exam Specifics:
Exam Cost: $168 each.
Exam Location: You can register for the exam at any Pearson VUE and Thompson Prometric center.
Time Allocated: 90 minutes per exam
Total marks: 900
Minimum Pass Marks: 220-601 (Essentials) - 675 marks; 220-602 - 700 marks ; 220-603 - 700 marks; 220-604 - 700 marks;
Number Of Questions: Approximatly 100 questions for Essentials. Other exams have 90 questions.
Exam format: Linear format; computer-based test (CBT)
Prerequisites: None
Validation Period: Certification does not expire
Score Report: Delivered immediate on test completion

Exam Pattern
The question types found on the A+ exam are:

* Multiple Choice with Single answer: Student is required to select a single answer from a range of options (generally 4-5) by clicking on a radio button.

* Multiple Choice with Multiple answer: Student is required to select a range of options. The number of options to select is specified.

* Fill in the Blank: Student is required to select the missing text to complete the sentence (multiple choice style).

Benefits Of Passing Comptia A+ Test
The CompTIA A+ Certification Exam is considered the industry standard in terms of measuring a technicians hardware and software knowledge. Those possessing the certification are more likely to receive higher salaries and 85% of these individuals choose to further their careers. By adding more certifications to your portfolio the career paths become even more valuable and diverse.

Here are some of the benefits of pass the APlus exam.

* Satisfaction: Passing A+ certification test is great morale booster. New employers will take you seriously and your current employer will take notice.

* More Career Options: The possibilities for advancement are almost endless once you begin your career in the IT industry with the CompTIA A+ Certification. These include Help Desk Technician, PC Technician, Field Service Technician, Manufacturing etc

* Higher Salary: On average, certified professionals make 5-15% than their non certified peers.

What are Company benefits for the A+ Certification
* Increased customer satisfaction & repeat business
* Use of the A+ logo
* Increased productivity due to skilled workers
* Measurable competence standards
* Simplified recruiting and hiring
* Lower training costs

Read more about the benefits of passing the Comptia A+ test in our free articles section. You need to pass the A+ Essentials exam and one more test to become certified.

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