Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Update New Windows 7 Training for CompTIA A+

A lot has changed for IT techs since the CompTIA A+ exam was released in 2009. People blinked and Windows Vista was gone. Windows 7 swooped in and became the smash hit that everyone was hoping Vista would be. This year (for the first time ever) CompTIA made drastic changes to the objectives of the A+ exam to accomodate the new popularity and new features of Windows 7. To help prepare you for all the new material, our CompTIA A+ Certkingdom Cloud Classroom course has been fully updated with everything you need to know about Windows 7. Mike Meyers is back with seven all new video chapters that prepare you for everything from installing Windows 7 to IPv6, networking and more. Check out Mike Meyers as he introduces you to the new additions to your A+ Certkingdom Cloud Classroom course

In addition, we’ve updated your A+ practice exams, study guides, guide content, assessment quizzes, certificate of mastery exams and more. It’s like a whole new course! The brand new A+ is available for check out right now in your Ultimate Access library.

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