Thursday, December 3, 2009

CompTIA A+ Tutorial on Storage Devices, Floppy Drives and Hard Drives

CompTIA A+ Tutorial on Storage Devices, Floppy Drives and Hard Drives

A storage drive reads or saves info to magnetic or visual storage media. It can be used to storage data permanently or to retrieve info from a media disk. Storage drives can be set up inside the computer case, such as a hard drive. For portability, some store drives can connect to the computer using a USB port, a FireWire port, or a SCSI port.

These movable store drives are sometimes called removable drives and can be used on multipl
e computers. Below are common types of storage drives:

Floppy drive
Hard drive
Optical drive
Flash drive
Network drive

Floppy Drives

The floppy drive can be applied to boot the computer if it holds a bootable floppy disk. A 5.25-inch floppy drive is older technology and is rarely used. The floppy drive is slowly being replaced by cheaper, faster, and larger-capacity storage such as writable CDs, DVDs, and flash drive media.

Hard Drives

A hard drive, or hard-disk drive, is a magnetic store device that is installed within the computer. The hard drive is used as permanent storage for information. In a computer, the hard drive is normally arranged as the C: drive and takes the operating system and applications. The hard drive is usually configured as the start drive in the boot sequence. The storage capacity of a hard drive is measured in billions of bytes, or gigabytes (GB). The speed of a hard drive is valued in revolutions per minute (rpm).

Network Drive
A network drive is a link to a remote computer’s store for access to files and directories. provide the best online Comptia A+ Training - Comptia Network+ Training

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