Sunday, October 25, 2009

MCSE Certifications

Operating systems used in most of the computers and information technology systems in the world use Microsoft programs and products. From government agencies to the academe, to corporations and households, Microsoft makes computers and networks run and function. Most likely, you have met with an IT professional who set up your computer system or who troubleshoot some glitches in the programming or who upgraded your system.

The next time you require the services of an IT person, ask for someone with a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MSCE) certification. An information technology specialist with an MSCE certification is an expert in the design and implementation of solutions infrastructures for large enterprises and home-based systems.

Microsoft treats its MSCEs as an elite group. Support is given to them in various degrees and forms. An MSCE certified IT practitioner gets a welcome kit along with his certificate. The kit includes basic tips and information that helps the MSCE professional, as well as items like the Microsoft Knowledge software. MSCEs also get a 50 percent discount for one year on the subscription fees to the Microsoft TechNet or TechNet Plus. The TechNet is a portable survival kit for MSCEs and it is updated monthly. MSCEs are also automatic members of the circle of Microsoft Certified Professionals and they are given free access pass to the member site where they get technical and product information.

To encourage continuous learning and improvement, MSCEs get invitations to Microsoft conferences, technical trainings, programs and sessions, and other events. They also get free subscription to the official newsletter, the Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online. The online magazine features discussions and live chats with fellow MSCEs, which many techs find useful.

MSCEs also have the right to wear the lapel pin indicating and identifying him as an MSCE. All his communication tools — memos, letters, promotional ads, and the like — may also carry the MSCE logo.

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