Saturday, January 23, 2010

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The Computing Technology Industry Association offers a number of Certifications that enable IA techs to make their resumes look stronger and that also give employers a measuring stick for evaluating the skill level of an applicant. The comptia A+ Certification is one of these and is considered an entry level general purpose vendor-neutral certification. It covers a wide range of skills related to the maintenance of personal computers. It also covers basic networking, security, safety, and even environmental issues.

comptia A+ training is available worldwide and is designed to prepare the student for the certification exam. There is a common misconception, however, concerning A+ Certification training. Many aspiring techs view it as a basic training course for beginners to the IA technology field. In planning their career path, they view the A+ training as the starting place for their overall training. This is a mistake. The Certification training programs are designed to prepare the student to take the comprehensive exam to receive the Certification. A certain skill level and educational background is going to be assumed of the students taking the training. If you have not received the elementary training, you are going to be over your head.

Certification training is not the starting place for computer technology. This training needs to start at the earliest possible time. It is like many other subjects like mathematics and language and it requires that the proper foundation be laid before advanced training can be undertaken. In mathematics, you can not expect to take a class to prepare you for an advanced algebra exam if you have never learned to count. Do not view certificates as the starting point. If you are serious about a career in computer technology, a review of A+ certification requirements would be helpful to guide you in the choice of classes or programs to acquire the basic foundation skills and knowledge.

On the other side of the issue, do not underestimate the importance of Certification. The IA field is growing more and more competitive every day. Employers are deluged with candidates for the better jobs, and certifications are often the factors that most influenced their decisions. This is becoming more an more the reality of the career path. If you are serious about advancing in this field, begin as soon as possible working your way toward earning as many certificates as possible. The A+ Certificate is the place to start.

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