Monday, January 4, 2010

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CompTIA certification is one of the leading IT certifying institutions that have great reputation of vendor-neutrality. The organization conducts various exams for the benefit of candidates as well as IT industries. SY0-201 exam is one such exam highly popular among the IT career seekers. While SY0-201certification provides the candidates with added job security and career opportunities, industries hiring CompTIA certified personnel enjoy better customer satisfaction, higher productivity, and reduced employee turnover.

Since the debut of computers and internet, there had been existing severe security threats. The boom in the industry has also increased the need of security professionals at large. CompTIA SY0-201 certified professionals are hired by IT companies for a good salary. The exam procedures are simple with just 100 questions with a time limit of 90 minutes. Although not a must, CompTIA recommends an experience of 2+ years in technical networking with a focus on security.

It is possible to clear the exam without the help of online tutors or training centers using various study guides available in the market. The study materials for CompTIA SY0-201 certification exam usually comprise objective type questions and answers. Online training center also offer soft copy of the questions that are interactive in nature. These make it interesting to cover the syllabus and lasts long in your memory.

While the study materials in CD forms are bit costly, the same can be obtained as hard copies for a lower cost. There are also several advantages of obtaining a hard copy. Apart from being less costly, hard copies allow you to stay away from you systems making it convenient for you to read the material at your leisure. Internet is the best place to look for up-to-date study guides for the exam. Wisely choosing your study materials will come a long way in helping you clear CompTIA exam SY0-201 and obtain your dream jobs.

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