Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to Pass the MCSE 2003

When I started down the certification path towards my MCSE 2003, I really didn't know where to start. Of course, as a help desk support person for 2 years I knew that being MCSE 2003 Certified would increase my chances of being promoted to a systems administration job or securing a new, higher paid role with another company.

So I first went to Microsoft's MCSE Certification website to find out which exams I needed to pass. Sure, I wanted to pass these MCSE 2003 exams, but I didn't want to cheat using braindumps which are not only illegal, but I think defeat the whole purpose of being MCSE 2003 Certified in the first place. What I wanted was the pass my MCSE 2003 exams, but actually UNDERSTAND and LEARN the material, so that way, I could hold my head up high, knowing that my skills would match my MCSE 2003 status.

Once I knew which exams I had to pass, I went out and searched the web for more information about each exam. I bought the core set of MCSE 2003 Microsoft Press books from Amazon, but in all honesty, they werent a lot of help. I also bought a few exam preparation software packages, which did help somewhat, but only for last minute study and learning material they were grossly ineffective.

It took me a while to find the right information, but finally I came across the CBT Video site, Winstructor.Com. Actually I cant take all of the credit for it, one of our systems administrators recommended them. So I signed up to Winstructor for 12 months and downloaded their MCSE 2003 Training Videos. Now this is what I had been missing.

As far as training goes, I am a convert to CBT, or Computer Based Training. The thing I liked about these videos was that I could watch them over and over until I fully understood what is being taught. During the time that I was watching these videos, I did have a couple of questions relating to different exams. Not only did Winstructor support take the time to answer my questions, which they didnt have to do, but they also gave me the ultimate piece of advice.

"When studying for your MCSE 2003, pick one exam, concentrate on it and forget the others exist. Once you've passed it, only then move onto the next"

Whilst this sounds quite obvious, there I was, wasting my time reviewing subjects that were'nt being tested. Only once it was mentioned to me, did I realize what I was doing and focused on the immediate goal of the exam I was trying to pass.

So if you want to pass your MCSE 2003 like I did, here is what I recommend.

* Visit Microsoft.Com and create a list of the exams that you need to study for and pass.

* Sign up to Winstructor.Com for 12 Months and download their videos.

* Pick 1 exam, only 1, and concentrate on it. Dont be tempted to look at the others.

* When you watch the Winstructor Videos, have 2 computers or a copy of Microsoft Virutal PC handy and Lab out what you're learning. You'll be so surprised at how much more you'll retain and understand about what you're learning.

* If you do fail an exam, get over it, move on. Its not the end of the world. No-one but you will know, so study the areas where you went wrong and you'll be fine the next time around. I found that the areas I did poorly on are now some of my best subjects since I took the time to really learn them and that learning sticks in your memory.

* Enjoy learning and studying for your MCSE 2003. If you dont like learning about IT, then maybe you're in the wrong job.

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