Sunday, October 11, 2009

Information About MCSE

MCSE stands for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. It is the most widely known Microsoft certification and it is available for Windows 2000 and Windows server 2003. Each has a different set of examinations. MCSE qualified persons have the ability to provide business solutions by designing and implementing the required infrastructure. MCSE certification is useful for Technical support & Systems engineers, Technical consultants, Network and Systems analysts and also for regular software engineers.

MCSE 2000 has four operating exams, two electives and one design exam that is a total of seven exams. The topics include configuring, installing and administrating Windows 2000 professional, Windows 2000 server and implementing and administering, Windows 2000 Network infrastructure and Windows 2000 directory service infrastructure.

MCSE 2003 has four networking exams, one design exam and one client operating system exam that is a total of seven exams. The topics include configuring, installing and administrating windows XP professional, implementing, planning and maintaining, windows server 2003 environment, server 2003 network infrastructure and server 2003 active directory infrastructure. The topics also include Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft exchange, Active Directory, Network infrastructure, network security, and topics on general networking and Microsoft products.

There are many ways of obtaining MCSE training. The easiest is to take training at any local training center. MCSE training can also be done at home by CD-ROMS or through books. The courses usually have extensive content but basic tutorials can guide you to pass the examination if you have a basic knowledge of Microsoft systems.

Presently the cost of a MCSE exam is about $125 USD. The exams have 50-90 multiple choice, drag and drop questions and solution building questions. The content of exam can be changed so it is prudent to check on the internet at Microsoft website for any change.

There are lots of benefits of MCSE certification like industry recognition, access to technical and product information directly from Microsoft, discounts on products and services, Microsoft paraphernalia like MCSE logo, certificate, transcript etc. However the immediate and most important benefit is the increase in market value of the person and boost in career for software professionals.

Specialisations available on MCSE Windows 2000 are MCSE messaging on Windows 2000 and MCSE security on Windows 2000. Specialisations available on MCSE Windows server 2003 are MCSE messaging on Windows 2003 and MCSE security on Windows 2003.

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