Saturday, January 1, 2011

IT Security top 7: Best of 2010 | MCITP KEY

There were lots of tips, controversies, and interesting developments in IT Security this year. The following posts rose to the top based on pageviews, discussion, and community votes.

#1 Rescue CDs: Tips for fighting malware
Michael Kassner offered tips on the best ways to use Rescue CDs to combat malware and shared some of the mistakes to be avoided. Read the original post.

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#2 Hackers and crackers: a lesson in etymology and clear communication
Chad Perrin kicked off another hotly contested debate on terminology: The term “hacker” has a meaning older and more respectable than its common usage in mainstream journalism. Familiarity with that history and its implications can help you make sure your audience understands your meaning when you use the term. Read the original post.

#3 Stealing Social Security Numbers is not identity theft?
Michael Kassner looked at the recent court ruling that declared stealing SSNs wasn’t necessarily a crime and wondered about the consequences. Read the original post.

#4 Is there hope for antivirus programs?
Michael Kassner looked at some of the problematic issues with antivirus software and considered what steps could be taken to fix it. Read the original post.

#5 Why you should never trust Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg might be Time’s Person of the Year, but on security issues, Chad Perrin knocked his brainchild down a few pegs, and many in the TechRepublic community agreed. Read the original post.

#6 The next front in the cookie wars: Fighting the Evercookie
Michael Kassner did a deep dive on the evolution of the cookie and described the latest developments in the cookie war’s measures and countermeasures. Read the original post.

#7 The many eyes that matter for security are the friendly eyes
Nothing stirred up the community like Chad Perrin’s post about the “many eyes” approach to security. All hands were on deck for the discussion that ensued. Read the original post.

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