Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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2010 saw a lot of new gadgets introduced by Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, HTC, Motorola, and even a few local companies. I think it is safe to say that 2010 is the year of the tablets, or more specifically, the Apple iPad! Nobody really predicted how popular the iPad will be considering that it is, by its simplest comparison, a huge iPod Touch.

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However, this is not my personal gadget of the year.My personal gadget of the year for 2010 is the iPhone 4! You may think that it is pretty dated compared to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S and the Nexus S or even the newer Microsoft Windows Phone 7 releases, but to me, the iPhone 4 is still my gadget of the year.True that it is plagued with the antenna issue, which gets pretty obvious with our local telco coverage, be it Globe or Smart. However, this issue can easily be remedied by getting a case that insulates the area where the antenna gets covered by your hand. Personally, this is not a big deal.Why not the iPad? The iPhone 4 is pretty much an iPad Nano – with full mobile phone capability and less screen real estate. The iPhone 4 even has a better quality screen — think Retina display. And also, the iPhone 4′s cameras (with its smaller form factor) add another dimension to the device. Did you know that it runs the same processor? :) Why not the Samsung Galaxy Tab then? The Samsung Galaxy Tab is basically a mutated mobile phone – an Android phone with bigger display. Whilst this could have been a better choice for Gadget of the Year for me, the fact that the Android OS version running on it was not designed for a tablet form-factor made the experience less than stellar. Unless you wear a bluetooth headset or use a wired headphone connected to the Samsung Galaxy Tab to use for mobile phone calls, the phone function is simply ridiculous! Maybe if the Galaxy Tab is running Honeycomb, Google’s next generation Android OS that, as rumoured, will be optimized for the tablets, then it might have earned my choice.Google’s Nexus S was a prime contender – had it been way better than the NexusOne specs. However, the upgrade was not that much, except for the newer Android OS 2.3, aka Gingerbread, which will trickle down to the Nexus One in a few weeks anyway. So, not much of an upgrade from the Nexus One, if you ask me.Microsoft Windows Phone 7 — well, this was out of contention early. I heard about its UI being really cool. However, its lack of features that come standard in Android OS and iOS today, plus the fact that it has far less third-party application support compared to the other two mobile OS – it failed to qualify. Maybe 2011 will bring us MS Phone 8, with cut-and-paste, tethering, portable hotspot and other features, only then will it be included in list.So there you go – Apple’s iPhone 4 is still my go-to gadget for 2010. I can’t wait to see what 2011 will bring us – the new features on the next-generation iPad and iPhone. How about you, what is your gadget of 2010?

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