Saturday, January 1, 2011

Programming and Development: Top five discussions of 2010

The IT gender gap in the industry, approaches for learning to program, and a writer’s revelation about his average coding skills are topics that are among the hottest Programming and Development discussions of 2010.

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1: IT gender gap: Where are the female programmers?

Justin James presents data points and theories about why more women aren’t getting into and staying in development roles, particularly in Western cultures.
2: Seven ideas for learning how to program

When you want to learn to program, taking classes and reading texts are useful exercises, but Chad Perrin says it’s not enough. To really learn programming, you need to start writing programs.
3: Confessions of a mediocre programmer

Alan Norton reveals how he makes the best of his average coding skills to survive as a mediocre programmer.
4: A skeptic’s history of C++

Was C++ originally meant as a joke? Why did it beat Objective-C? Will anything replace it now?
5: Poll: Would you sign Apple’s iPhone Developer agreement?

Although Justin James finds the terms of Apple’s iPhone Developer Program License agreement unacceptable, he can see why some developers would be willing to sign it.

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