Monday, September 28, 2009

The Basic Requirements for MCSE Certification

The Microsoft Systems Engineer Certificate known as the MCSE is the basic fundamental certification program for an IT working in any Microsoft environment. The Certification concept has been developed in the rapidly changing and expanding field of computer technology to bring some order. When a person earns certification, employers and potential employers become confident that a certain standard threshold of expertise has been attained.

MCSE Certification is often a starting point for more advanced and specialized certifications. The basic requirements include normally at least one year of experience in the field implementing or administering a network operating system. The experience can also be in a client operating system or designing a network infrastructure. In order to earn the certificate, the candidate must pass a serious of examinations. There are four basic exams required that cover operating systems. Another exam tests and gives proof of expertise in design skills. Finally, two elective exams must be completed. These exams may be selected from a list of choices that include such diverse topics as security and implementation of various operating systems.

MCSE Training is conducted in several ways. Many programs can be done online with the use of study guides. This method of training has all the advantages and disadvantages of all distance learning. The training can be conducted on the students own schedule with a minimum of lost time and expense. However, despite the high quality of the study guides and the aid of computer training videos, much hands on work and the assistance of trained instructors is missing.

Another method of preparing for and passing the required exams is by attending a MSCE boot camp. This is an intensive training course that prepares the students for each exam, and also administers them. The boot camps usually provide both lodging and meals. They borrow the name from the military boot camp. This is not because of the strict discipline associated with the military but rather because of the intensive nature of the training. The boot camps are not intended as vacations. Training is done daily, and for long hours in an attempt to get the trainee prepared for the examination as quickly as possible. Although this method is also designed to minimize lost time during training, it is not inexpensive.

It is important to understand that although the basic requirements of the MCSE Certificate may seem rather difficult, the MCSE Certificate is rapidly becoming a basic requirement itself for a successful career in the competitive field of Information Technology.

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