Friday, September 11, 2009

What is MCSE?

The acronym MCSE stands for Microsoft Certified System Engineer. This is a course for professionals who examine and investigate company needs and then design, install, configure and troubleshoot networking systems. MCSE certification is suitable for professionals who work as technical support engineers, system analysts, network analysts and technical consultants.

It is mandatory for a MCSE candidate to have at least one year of experience implementing a network operating system that has 200 to 26,000 users, five to one hundred and fifty locations, network services which include file and print, web hosting, messaging, dial in servers, desktop management, database and proxy servers. A MCSE candidate should also have at least one year of experience in designing networks and in the administration of a desktop operating system.

There are many types of certifications such as, Microsoft Windows 2000 Certification, MCSE on Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft NT 4.0, specializations in messaging on windows server 2003 and security on windows server 2003. The exam comprises of 45 to 55 questions. The passing scores are 620-660 on core exams and 556 -675 for elective exams.

MCSE candidates are required to pass seven exams or the equivalent that include five Core Exams while learning Microsoft Windows 2000. A total of six exams are mandatory for MCSE 2003, out of which four are core exams.

The candidate will be equipped technically to successfully prepare, maintain, execute and support information systems. This he will be able to do in a broad range of computing environments, using Microsoft's new Windows 2000 and other Microsoft Server products.

MCSE courses are available online. The duration of the course is approximately 200 to 250 hours. MCSE qualified professionals who have at least 1 year's experience, earn around $55,000 per annum. As technology advances further, the demand for MCSE professionals is likely to increase.

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