Thursday, September 24, 2009

MCSE Term Papers

A Microsoft certified system engineer has to appear for and pass four core, networking system exams, one client operating system exam and one design exam.

Apart from the above examinations, a candidate also has to take an elective exam and two up gradation exams. The networking system exam includes exam 70-290, which contains questions about managing and maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Environment Exam 70-291 is Implementing, Managing, and maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure, exam 70-294 planning, implementing, and maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 active directory infrastructure.

Exam 70-290 tests creating and managing user, group, and computer accounts, managing file and sharing permissions controlling web server access and manage sites with internet information Services, managing hardware devices, disk storage, software, and print services and Implementing backup procedures and perform system recovery.

Exam70-291 examines the knowledge of subjects such as installing and configuring TCP/IP, using DHCP to manage IP addressing, configuring and managing DNS clients, servers and zones, managing routing and remote access, including VPNs, implementing and administering security procedures monitoring traffic, troubleshooting connectivity and resolving service issues.

Exam 70-293 tests planning TCP/IP network infrastructure, topology and Internet connectivity Configuring server roles and baseline security settings, planning name resolution, routing, and remote access strategies, maintaining server availability with clusters and network load balancing deploying IPSec, hardening servers and managing certificates and designing and administering security infrastructure.

Exam 70-294 verifies the candidates ability to Plan, install and configure an active directory infrastructure, manage forest and domain structure, site replication, create and manage OU structure and user group accounts, plan group Policy strategy using Resultant Set of Policy configure user and computer security settings, manage and troubleshoot Group Policy and Active Directory performance.

These exams need a lot of preparation and practice because the candidate is thoroughly tested.

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