Sunday, September 13, 2009

MCSE Certification Training

Training for MCSE can be a daunting task. The preparation for the seven examinations can take anywhere between six months to one year, and requires a great deal of patience and dedication. There are several flexible options available for trainees depending upon the flexibility of time and budget.

There are many Microsoft certified solution provider companies which provide training in a traditional classroom setting. Such training is usually imparted by trainers who have been certified by Microsoft as trained instructors and are also holders of the MSCE qualification. The structure followed is the Microsoft official curriculum (MOC), and students are given complete access to the necessary servers and software for their practice. The duration of these classes can vary between a week of fast-track training to several months wherein the entire course is covered in full detail. The price range also varies from a few hundred dollars to even $5,000, depending upon the type of institute, duration and the expertise of the teachers.

Boot camps are another popular method for being trained for the exam. Since most of these boot camps cover a very large portion of the original syllabus in a very short span of time, it is recommended only for professionals who have some knowledge and past experience of servers, systems, and applications. It is ideal for those candidates who are already working and need recognition of their qualifications. Costs here can vary between $1,000-$5,000 depending upon the duration of the camp and the expertise of the instructor.

Microsoft has provided Online MCSE labs for professionals who wish to gain hands-on education from the comfort of their home or office. They are very cost-effective, as only an IE browser is required to gain access and this way of preparation can be used for as little as $100.

MSCE also provides MSCE course materials and sample test papers for those interested in slow-paced learning at their own convenience. The practice tests have excellent reference resources and explanations, and more than 70% of students appearing for the exam use these test materials before they sit for the actual examination.

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