Saturday, September 26, 2009

Microsoft's MCSE Course - In Detail

This is an article about what you can expect to cover when you study the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer course. There are seven exams that you will be required to pass in order to gain the MCSE qualification. They consist of four exams focused on networking, one design exam, one about client operating systems and one elective exam.

Networking Exams

There are four networking exams, all of which must be taken in order to pass and gain the MCSE qualification. The exams all relater to Windows Server 2003, a server operating system produced by Microsoft that is used worldwide to run severs. You will learn about the Windows Server 2003 environment, the network infrastructure and the active directory infrastructure. After studying for these exams you will learn about planning, implementing, managing and maintaining Windows Server 2003 systems.

Design and Client Operating Systems Exams

For both design and client operating systems there is a choice of one exam out of two options. This part of the MCSE training covers either the Windows XP or Vista operating systems. In addition you will learn about designing security or an active directory and network infrastructure for Windows Server 2003.

Elective Exam

This part of the MCSE course allows you to choose one exam from a wide choice of course options. You can supplement your core IT training with additional expertise gained by taking an option of interest.

When deciding whether or not to take the MCSE training course it is important to consider the full range of Microsoft and Cisco courses that are available to take. These include the MCSA, MCDST, CCNA and other IT courses. Taking a Microsoft IT qualification should improve your appeal to potential employers and allow you to build and shape your IT career.

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